Health Benefits

To support your health care needs, Databricks offers private health insurance through the Uniprevoyance.


All regular employee of Databricks France and their eligible dependants* are able to enrol in the Uniprévoyance health plan ("Santé") administered by Henner from their date of hire.

*For more information on which dependents are eligible, please visit the FAQs below.


During onboarding, employees are provided with the application form for this benefit. The form should be completed no later than their hire date with their details and that of any eligible dependants they wish to cover. Once the completed form has been assessed and processed by Henner, a letter confirming the cover will be sent to the employee directly.


Databricks pays 60% of the premium cost for employees and eligible dependents. The employee pays the remaining 40% via payroll deductions.

Below are the medical premiums effective 1 January 2023:

Coverage Level
Total Monthly Premium
Employee Monthly Cost
Employee Only €96.90 €38.76
Family €214.68 €85.87

Additional Cover

You can choose to purchase an additional Option Plan to upgrade your cover. You may enrol in an Option Plan at any time during the year. Once enrolled, you will be locked into the benefit for 12 months. To apply for an Option Plan, please complete the application form and return it to Henner.

Below are the medical premiums per person insured, effective 1 January 2023:

Coverage Level
Employee Monthly Cost*
Adult €20.52
Child €13.93

 *Fully paid by the employee via monthly payroll deductions.


You can learn more about the social security ceilings for the current year here.